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Entry #11

Man Alot has happened since Ive last been on here

2010-02-13 17:18:36 by Icyfire777

Shit haha
Haven't been on here since November of last year.

Lookin to post something this month. New art style and a new flash partner so hopefully I got something good planned.

College has been SUPER hectic so I hardly have time to do anything but school work, but this Denton snow and UNT closing has allowed me time to quickly put something together.

ALSO Me and talat113 plan on making a game called "Fuck Shit Up the game The Game"
Its gonna be badass if done right, but thats more of a Summer Project.

Ok peace peoples


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2010-02-13 19:31:55

Another n****r on my site, takin' up the white man's bandwith.

Icyfire777 responds: